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Hey, girl! Thank you for shopping at Hale House!
Hey, girl! Thank you for shopping at Hale House!


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New to Hale House are these amazing Truelux Candles! We love the scents, the candle is sleek and looks great in any home. AND the most major feature of these candles is... The wax is made from and therefor functions as a hand lotion! Yes, you read that correctly. So while the candle is burning or just as you blow it out, dip your finger in the wax and you can use it has a hand cream. WHAT?!?!? So crazy cool! 

-Cosmetic grade soy

-shea butter

-mango butter

-coconut oil

-sweet almond oil

-avocado oil

-grapeseed oil


-essential oils

Burn time is roughly 60 minutes!

Scents Available!

Selenas: Mexican Vanilla, Sandalwood, Jasmine, Cream

Anything for Selenas. A warmer and stronger version of our classic House of Lux.

Cantina: Oak, Whiskey, Plum, Cherry

Trade stories with strangers in the smoky vibe of your dreams.

Cadillac: Leather, Watermelon, Champagne Room

Club hop in the cadillac. Light it, love it.

Lisa:Lavender, Jasmine, Lily of the Valley

Come home to pure floral excellence 

Palomino: Cardamom, Nutmeg, Phyllo

Let the breezes of exotic spices intrigue your heart.

Americas: Cedar, Sandalwood, Lavender

Our favorite place to be.