Tie Dying A Sweatshirt

Posted on 27 April 2020

Take your Sweatshirt from this:


     To THIS! 


Here is a list of supplies you will need: (Click items to shop)

Stay at Home Diet Sweatshirt

Rit Dye (Pick the colors YOU want!)

- Or you can use this tie-dying kit....!

Dye Bottles

Things from Home:

Rubber bands, trash bags, pitcher, spoon, Dawn dish soap and some old towels you don't mind getting dye on them! 

Steps to Follow:

Wet your sweatshirt until damp. Then crinkle until you have the look you want, securing the crinkled item with rubber bands. If you want the swirl look, you will take the center and spin the entire item into a tight ball, then secure with rubber bands. 

Mix your dye together in the pitcher, with HOT water. **This is important for the Rit Dye. Add a touch of the Dawn dish soap and mix. Pour into bottles and then add to the garment. Repeat color mixing and adding onto the sweatshirt with as many colors as you want. (I test the color after mixing on an old towel to confirm color.)

After adding the color onto the item, repeat with each color until you are finished. Make sure to flip it over and do both sides as well as the edges. With the crinkle method, you will have white spots under those rubber bands. For more white, just do some dye into the folds. For less white, make sure to get dye into each fold. 

After adding dye, I suggest removing rubber bands to see the look of the item. If you want to add more color to white spots do so now. 

Then scrunch back up, in a trash bag and secure with a rubber band. You will now let this sit for 12-24 hours. This is when the color truly sets in. 

Once fully set, rinse with cold water until no dye color is coming off the garment. Finish by washing and hanging to dry. 

And VIOLA! You now have a new and improved piece of clothing! All hand-dyed by YOU! If you make one, tag us on Instagram! We want to see your creativity and the wonderful creations you come up with!  

XOXO Hale House

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